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Samsung Has Given Up On Bixby Smart Speaker

Jul 21, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Samsung had plans to launch a smart speaker equipped with Bixby intelligent voice assistant. According to reports, insiders have revealed that based on the current situation, this product development and launch has been shelved. Samsung says that sufficient funds are not available for the development of this product. Samsung is also not optimistic about the future of this Bixby smart speaker.

Bixby Smart Speaker Canceled

Samsung Bixby smart voice speakers rumors came out in June this year when people thought that Samsung hopes to launch smart speakers to compete with Apple’s HomePod, Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. At the same time, Samsung also acquired the SmartThings home automation hub system.

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However, the industry has revealed that Samsung does not think that the introduction of Bixby smart speaker is a good idea right now. The global market is dominated by Amazon, and South Korea’s domestic market is too small so there will be a lack of profit margins. On the other hand, Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant has just launched the English version after several tests, so it is not a good idea to rush into the production of Bixby home speaker right now. 

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On Wednesday, Samsung officially launched its voice assistant, Bixby, in the United States. The voice assistant was pre-installed in the Korean version of Galaxy S8. The English version of Bixby has actually been under debugging and has received feedback from many test users. At present, Bixby’s response speed compared to the first version has demonstrated a significant improvement.

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The biggest difference between Samsung Voice Assistant Bixby and other products is that it can support “almost” everything through the touch screen processing applications. Because the current simply rely on voice to identify, there will be some chances of error. So Bixby supports touch-screen processing to help avoid some confusion. Bixby will allow users to provide more information at some point, which is also known as “cognitive tolerance”.

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According to previous news, users can use Bixby to open Samsung’s own pre-installed applications in a specific photo or video. Bixby smart speaker was code named Vega. Samsung had reportedly been working on it since a year. Voice assistants are the latest in things. Amazon Alexa is the most popular home speaker right now. I think it is a smart move by Samsung right now to postpone the production of Vega.


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