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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: The complete Review

Apr 1, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

As we all know by now, Samsung has just released two of the most awaited mobile phones of this year. Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Yesterday we reviewed the galaxy S8 and today we discuss about the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus, its features and pros and cons.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Display

There had been a great buzz regarding the S8 and S8 plus with regards to the display and to be honest, it is worth it. The HDR infinity display that stretches from side to side covers the most of the front part. Just as the S8, Samsung galaxy S8 Plus also has a minimum amount of the top and bottom bezels, and instead it has a very attractive curved screen. It has a beautiful all glass covering with a thin metallic sheet at the back. There is no home button as the bezels are too thin. The mobile has an ultimate luxurious look and feel. And of course it will stand out in the market against the other mobile phone sets.

Despite the delicate look, Samsung claims it robustness as it is water resistant and dust resistant.

The main thing is the giant size of the screen with 6.2 inch is among the biggest mobile screens that we have had lately. Samsung has not said much about the HDR yet but we know that the S8s have been approved by the UHD alliance that is quite impressive and make us wish to have a look at the screen ASAP. It has a 4 GB RAM and a 64 GB storage device.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Price and release date

However we have to wait as the phones will be released in store across US on the 21st of April while for the rest of the world the wait is one week longer and the mobile will be unveiled on the 28th of April. However the preorders have been started across Samsung’s official website as well as many other websites. The price of S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 plus both have been pretty steep this year. The mobiles is priced at 779 pounds. There has been a price jump from S7 to s8 but the features that the new s8 plus has to offer the price is okay compared to them.

Samsung Galaxy S8 plus camera updates

While the rear camera is almost the same the front camera has an upgrade. It is 8 megapixel camera with auto focus and wide selfie options. Both the front and rear cameras have motion pictures, virtual shots, filters and stickers.

Samsung galaxy s8 plus

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Bixby enabled phone

The most exciting feature of the S8 and S8 plus is the presence of AI based virtual assistant Bixby. There is a dedicated switch for Bixby at the side of the phone. Bixby can be invoked by pressing the switch. Samsung claims that all the things that can be done by tapping can be done by voice commands through Bixby. Although all the features may not be available in the first version of Bixby, it might be upgraded with time. On the official Samsung site beneth Bixby it is written in the footnote that features may vary with product in different countries. According to reports the most features will be available for the markets of South Korea and US. The rest of the countries will get Bixby with the passage of time.

See, talk, recommend and remind. These are the things that can be done with Bixby.

Wireless charging

The phone is available for both wireless and wired charging. The feature of wireless charging is based on WPC and PMA and it is also not available in all the countries.


The security of this mobile phone is quite high. There is an iris scanner that will protect your important documents and conversation from being pried upon. Due to iris scanner now you can easily make large bank transactions and money transfers through your mobiles. No two irises have the same pattern so you are safe and can be comfortable that no one else would meddle with your phone set.

A number of colors to choose from

Samsung Galaxy S8 is available in a number of colors. There is a range of lighter tones like arctic grey and maple gold and then there are deeper shades like black, coral blue and silver. The coral blue color is a great addition and is quite different from the regular colors. However with Apple product red to compete with this color range might fall short of funky colors like royal blue, yellow or bottle green.

Samsung galaxy s8 plus

Fastest Bluetooth

The S8 phones are the only phones in the world to support Bluetooth 5.0. It is the latest Bluetooth that can transfer data four times the distance of previous data range and that too at a faster rate. It can also connect to two blue tooth devices at a time with volume control.

These are the basic features of the Samsung galaxy s8 plus. More will be revealed as the release date comes near. What excites us most is to check out the fast blue tooth and interacting with virtual assistant Bixby. The only negatives about s8 plus that we can right now see is that such a big size may make it a hindrance to carry along all the time.

Secondly, with all the major apps like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp concentrating more and more on being visual than textual, there must have been major updates in the camera. However Samsung Galaxy S8 plus has been lagging in that area.

Up till now, the S8 and S8 plus can be termed as the mobile of the year. With iPhone 8 expected to release soon too, let us see if it can overthrow the Samsung s8 from its perch and take the top position.

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Which mobile do you think is the best? Let us know by commenting below.

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