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Samsung Galaxy S7: The Universe Awakens to the new release

Jan 3, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Thinking of snapping up that latest Samsung Galaxy gadget? You may have read somewhere about the Samsung Galaxy S7. And comparison with its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S6 is inevitable. Getting released only months from each other, it has become evident that the Samsung Galaxy series is Samsung’s flagship product. And the S7 is only the beginning.

The New Look

The Samsung Galaxy S7 looked edgy compared to the previous batches of Samsung Galaxy released, and when it is said “edgy”, it meant the apparent lack of curves on the sides. Not the round-tipped corners once seen from previous variants. But more like half-cylindrical shapes at the edges close to the Samsung name and the edges close to the Start button of this touch screen phone. In terms of width, it found common ground with the previous Galaxy phones.

Samsung Galaxy S7 concept

Material Used in upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7

In terms of the material used, it’s lightweight metal. The sleek dark charcoal reveals a magnesium alloy covering. Whether it affected the way the Samsung Galaxy S7 is shaped or not is not that important. The edges are not pointy enough to be a concern in case you put in in your pocket. It denies earlier reports that the Samsung Galaxy S7 has aluminum alloy covering too just like its predecessors in the Galaxy series. This is because both magnesium and aluminum are relied on by mobile phone manufacturers to absorb vibration and shock. 2 elements that often affect the efficiency of a phone. It just so happened that not all mobile phone manufacturers would choose magnesium alloy compared to aluminum alloy as the former is pricier than the latter.

Before pundits start throwing in the money-grub label at Samsung for the Samsung Galaxy series, you already knew why the predecessors of the Samsung Galaxy S7 have sold briskly right? Before the quality is still there. It works as specified. And it’s already selling well prior to the impending release of the 4 versions of the Samsung Galaxy S7. That should give you an idea of any positive expectations from Samsung Galaxy’s roster.

Expected Launch date of S7

As early as October 2015, rumors have been circulating on the interwebz regarding the release of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Some went as far as mentioning a date: 19 January 2016. In consistency to promoting their Samsung Galaxy series as high-end business smartphone products, previous press conferences that Samsung executives are blunt enough to admit that it is an improved, slicker version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Pressure Sensitive touch/3D touch to beat iPhone 6s

If ever there is one Apple feature that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is planning the beat the former with, it’s the pressure-sensitive display technology. What is pressure-sensitive display? This is a feature initially associated with the iPhone series that interpret the kind of action you’re asking from a business smartphone depending on how hard (or soft) you press your phone with your finger. In short, a convenient solution against “accidental likes” involving touch screen phones. Butt dialing may fall in this category too. Other bloggers would use the more blunt term “force touch”.



Dual camera arrangement with 20 megapixel primary sensor is the other feature that the Samsung Galaxy S7 allegedly has. This is in contrast to what most Samsung Galaxy users been complaining about – SD Card support. Yes, as there are several rumors regarding alleged features associated with the Samsung Galaxy S7, none of them mentioned SD card support.

Everyone is still looking forward to the official launch date of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Everyone including the Apple loyalists and the rising number of Sony tablet admirers. And sometimes the word “gadget” is the term used as opposed to “business smartphone” or “tablet”. Some pundits even view the term “phablet” (phone + tablet) as a subliminal admission that Samsung Galaxy phones are too wide for the average hand. Maybe they weren’t thinking of Asian hands when they first manufactured the Samsung Galaxy series. Either way, everyone will get their hands on information alone and literally on the Samsung Galaxy S7 itself.

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