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Samsung finally releases S9 teasers, Animoji, Slo Mo and Camera highlighted

Feb 16, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

So enough of the rumors and leaks. Finally Samsung has released official S9 teasers of the most anticipated mobile phone of 2018 as yet. Samsung Galaxy S9, is all that we hoped for. There are three official trailers released and all of them show a unique feature.

Samsung S9 teasers look promising

So finally we now know that the Slo mo leak was true. There is going to be an amazing slo mo mode with the camera to capture the actions that are very quick so that we can easily capture them and then examine them in slow motion. The teaser is really cool where we see a flying jet in slow motion.

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So that was the first feature the second is the addition of animojis in the Samsung S9. Animojis are the newest trend among the cute things that go viral. iPhone had introduced the animojis concept. But now the animojis debut on the android platform. This again makes an interesting and attractive feature.

The last feature revealed is also about the camera. We know now that Samsung is claiming to have an amazing and improved camera in the S9. The camera will focus on clarity of the picture. It will also be more precise and powerful. The main focus of the teaser is getting a bright and good picture when there is dim light. It will probably be a powerful night or dark mode. With such a camera there will definitely be much better results obtained.

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Here is a look at all the three teasers compilation. As usual Samsung has produced a top quality ad campaign.

Looking at these S9 teasers, we really just cant wait for this phone to hit the market,

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