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Samsung Experience App lets you enjoy the S9 ad S9+ to the fullest

Mar 6, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

As the date approaches to release the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung galaxy S9+ in the mainstream market, Samsung has found a new way to promote its upcoming mobile phone. In its unique marketing move, Samsung experience app debuts on the app store and the main purpose of the app is that it  give the users a virtual experience about how the using of S9 and S9+ will feel to the users.

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We have been receiving news that Samsung has placed its S9 and S9+ in display centers for users to experience and feel the two new mobile phones. As it is the new flagship from Samsung and is quite expensive too, so if the people want to switch there is required to be a handful of new features that were not available in previous phones. However the North Korean tech giant is well aware that not everyone can visit these places where the devices are at show so in this very intelligent move, now everyone can experience or preview the environment of the new phone through the new Samsung experience app.

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Just as the name indicates, it gives you a complete virtual experience of the new Samsung mobiles environment on your previou. Apart from that it also includes some videos that take you through the mobile phone’s newly added features like the slo mo and super sl mo and the great camera. Are you excited about the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung galaxy S9+so that nosice devw usually can feel the mobile phone owners just released mobile s9 and S9+,

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