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Samsung Has Begun Mass Production Of 10LPP Chips For Galaxy S9

Nov 30, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The semiconductor division of the electronics group Samsung has today announced the start of mass production of chips in an improved 10-nanometer process.The new manufacturing process brings slight increases in performance and energy efficiency.With the beginning of the production, Samsung probably laid the foundation for the top SOCs of the high-end smartphones for the year 2018.

Samsung S9

Samsung Semiconductor announced today that the first chips will be manufactured using the new second-generation 10-nanometer FinFET technology. Samsung calls the whole 10LPP, ie “Low Power Plus”. Although the structure width remains the same on the chips at first glance, Samsung promises refinements that offer advantages in terms of performance and energy requirements.

So performance should be increased by about 10 percent if Samsung manufactures a certain SoC no longer with the old, but with the new 10-nanometer process. At the same time, the chips produced with it should require about 15 percent less energy to achieve the same performance. Because it is a further development of Samsung’s existing 10LPE (Low Power Early) process, it wants to be able to deliver large volumes of new chips right from the start.

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Samsung said the first SoCs will land on mobile devices next year based on its new manufacturing process. From now on, the company wants to concentrate on the further development of production technology in order to soon be able to offer “8LPP”, ie chips with only eight nanometers of structural width.Meanwhile, the company is already preparing for production on a 7-nanometer scale. In order to meet the tremendous demand, Samsung has also announced the start of mass production of mobile SoCs at its newest semiconductor plant in Hwaseong, South Korea.

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The timing of Samsung’s announcements today is little surprising. For example, major customer Qualcomm, who has had its high-end SoCs manufactured by Samsung since last year, is planning to present its new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 next week. The new top processor for smartphones is likely to be produced by Samsung using the new production technology and thereby benefit from the advantages in terms of performance and efficiency.Even Samsung’s in-house new high-end chip Exynos 9810 should be made with the 10LPP technology. The two SoCs will end up in new high-end smartphones in the future – and of course in Samsung’s Galaxy S9.


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