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Samsung And Apple Are The Biggest Customers Of Semiconductors

Jan 29, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The global semiconductors industry is essentially a gigantic supply industry for the two companies Samsung Electronics and Apple.Almost one-fifth of the total volume of chip manufacturers is generated by these two customers.This is the result of a recent analysis by market researchers from Gartner.

Semiconductors Customers

In absolute terms, it appears that Samsung Electronics and Apple have together bought $ 81.8 billion in semiconductor products. This is another $ 20 billion more than in 2016. The share of the two giants in the total trading volume of semiconductors rose to 19.5 percent.

As Gartner analyst Masatsune Yamaji explained, this has a significant impact on the semiconductor industry. The two groups only significantly influence prices on the world market through their orders. To a large extent, the needs of the two major customers ultimately determine the direction in which technological development is heading.

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However, the increased expenditure of the two bulk buyers for semiconductor products is not solely due to the fact that they have installed larger amounts of chips. Samsung and Apple also ultimately had to pay more than the prices of DRAM and NAND flash in the course of the year. After all, demand has continued to increase and there should not be a chipmaker that can only stay on a part of its produced goods.

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Incidentally, the shares of major customers after the two front-runners fall off quickly. The top 10 chip buyers combined account for around 40 percent of the industry turnover. But the concentration is also unmistakable here. Ten years ago, the share of the ten largest buyers was only 31 percent. And the market researchers assume that it will climb to 45 percent by the year 2021.


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