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RIP Microsoft Paint – Creator’s update kills the prospects of further development in Paint

Jul 27, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Bad news for all those who are in love with MS paint. In the new MS fall creators updates for Windows 10, there is a list of programs that according to Microsoft are the ones they are planning to axe completely or have no intention to have further developments on. And sadly the name of MS Paint is on the list. So you can say RIP Microsoft Paint.

RIP Microsoft Paint

So naturally all the aficionados of Paint are sad and depressed about this development. After Microsoft released this news, messages about RIP Microsoft Paint poured in from around the globe making it the trending hashtag. There is no shortage of MS paint fans. In fact there are people who are so expert in MS paint that their creations on this software are monumental and exceptional. They create beautiful art from this software and are thus called the MS Paint Picasso. One such talented artist is Jim’ll Paint. You can check out his Facebook page that has some 700,000 followers. He is commissioned by strangers to create themes.

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He is not the only one, in fact there are a number of such people who are doing this kind of work. One reason for the demise of Paint is that Paint 3D is here now and the advanced features offered by Paint 3D probably made the manufactures think that there is no need for Paint anymore but many think that they are thoroughly mistaken.

Ms Paint has been a part of Windows since 1985. It has seen many updates but has always been an essential part of the OS.

Games Developer Mike Rilley (creator of Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings) Tweeted the view that many have “They should just release the source and make it public domain”

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Are you sad by the demise of Paint? Let us know what you will miss the most about this software that has a lot of nostalgia value.

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