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Review: Philips B Line Monitors Are Great For Everyday Use

Oct 10, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Philips B Line monitor range is targeted for businesses, but it is great for every day use too. It is great for video editing and gaming. The price might seem to high to home users, but it is so worth it.

Philips B Linephilips brilliance

The Philips B Line range includes many different diagonal models. Some come with a webcam, some don’t. The 900 lei is also pretty impressive as it has almost nonexistent margins.

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As far as the design is concerned, the monitor is finished very well. The material it is made from is similar to plastic. Mounting the display on stand is easy to do. It takes hardly two minutes. A screwdriver will not be required here. So, the mounting is hassle free. This is welcoming as most devices manufactured today are pretty complicated. The height of the display is also adjustable. You can also position your display in a portrait mode, which means it can be rotated to 90 degrees.

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The webcam is also an interesting part of the design. It works on the pop-up system. Tapping on it will make it click and rise from the display structure. This is great for people who are conscious about their privacy and are paranoid about people watching them. The technology used on the monitor is IPS. This means you will get a very wide viewing angle of around 178 degrees. This is not a minor thing. The colors of the monitors in the Philips B Line are also very lively. The images also have a clarity.

philips b line review

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In the box that you get with the monitor, you can see a lot of cables. You get the DP cable, the D-sub cable, audio cable, and the power cord. The HDMI cable is not there. Philips did not add an HDMI cable in the package in 2017. In the department of ports, it does not lack anything. The traditional VGA is there. and so are the display port, and HDMI. For audio, there is an Audio Out and an Audio In. This is great if you want to connect to an audio and console system. The monitor also has 2 USB 3.0 data ports.

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The nonexistent margins are great. You can also raise the screen quite a bit. The inclination is also pretty impressive. The IPS technology is better than that of other monitors. There are some good monitors in the Philips B Line for average users. The colors are beautiful and the quality is good. It is great for gaming and video editing. The pop-up webcam is suitable for people who are concerned about their privacy. The price is decent compared to what the monitor offers. The utility is high. Whether you get it for your home or office, the price is justified.

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