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Feb 12, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Politics at work is often described in a negative aspect and no professional can undo this fact. Everyone whether male or female is a target and has experienced it. It is regarded as strategies to gain professional advantage at the cost of other’s rights. Although it badly affects the environment and relationships at work but to deal with it is an important learning step for every professional. Being described in negative connotation people try to avoid getting involved in it but unfortunately it is the mainstay of professional growth and success.

Politics at work is inevitable and to effectively deal with it is important for one’s career. Some techniques to handle are mentioned:


The first and the foremost duty is to accept the reality of it and then map the organization structure in mind. Look out for the real reasons behind these politics, who is the influencer, who has the authority, how the people behave. In general the organization hierarchy, practices and code of conduct so that you do not fall to be a victim.


Try to sculpture the informal web, network which is behind this. Recognize how the play goes on, who are the sole proprietors of creating mess and identify the relationships. Judge the people according to their talks, mindsets and personality.


After the judgment part, now comes the time to build your own relationships. Do not be afraid of others, what is required is confidence and do not leak away you weak points. After a careful study, you are aware of people’s behavior and reactions so try to get into the network and then you exactly know where your benefits lie. Get the most from your formal social relationships at work. It is up to you to portray your image and showcase your achievements. Attract opportunities where you can shine but there is a slight twist in this, only go for the right people else you will end up in disastrous career and difficulties. This is where applying politics gets tricky as you have to recognize whom will reward you.


Keep your friends close and enemies closer perfectly applies to the scenario of politics. It teaches us the fact to never underestimate or forget the opposite side. Play but play safe in order to avoid getting into trouble. Always remember that an organization is divided into lobbies and you can only be a part of one. The others are always at your opposite.


Maintain your discipline and integrity at all times. Avoid jumping into personal gossips so that your sentences can be framed in other meanings. Even being a favorite to someone play safe and remember you can be a victim without knowing Trusting can be expensive in office as the people are not your blood relations or sincere friends.  When studying the network try to get deeper knowledge of how people talk and react so that you be clear of your reactions.

Remember that no positive or negative—politics is everywhere and you cannot escape it if you want to do a job. If you are not a part of politics at workplace then every other person there would be governing you. No matter you are right or wrong, you will be a victim. Learn wise politics and help grow in your professional life.

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