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Redheads to finally get representation as new emoji in the emoji world

Feb 8, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

After being neglected for a long time, finally the ginger haired people are going to get representation as emoji. For the last couple of years we see the trend to include more and more diversity in the emoji representation to make complex expression possible with the help of these cute little images. Like every New Year, this year too there is a set of new emoji expected to be launched in 2018.

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New emoji coming in 2018

Apart from the redheads, there are also a number of other emoji coming your way. Courtesy to the emojipedia, we have now the knowledge that the pirate flag is among the upcoming emoji. Also a number of daily use items and chores get representation like broomsticks, soap and scrubs etc.

new emoji

In the group of eatables, we have cupcakes and mooncakes added now. Bagels are also there. Apart from these the expressions smileys, which were already quite enough also get new members. We are specially loving the extremely cold smiley.

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new emoji

new emoji

There are also many variations of superhero emoji also expected to come out soon. We are really looking forward to explore them all.

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The world of emoji have entered the mainstream entertainment last year, with a whole emoji movie released. The emoji franchise is also quite popular with emoji cushions being the favorite among many. Now let us see when we get to explore the new emoji, till them let us enjoy the really cute ones that we already have.


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