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The Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put A Case On Your Phone

Oct 5, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Cases are supposed to protect your smartphone from bumps and scratches, but that’s not the only thing they do. Some cases can be potentially harmful to your smartphone and negatively impact its performance. When we usually buy a new smartphone, the next purchase is that of a case or a pouch to protect the smartphone as you spent so much money on it and do not want anything to happen to it. However, you shouldn’t put a case on your phone as it isn’t as good as you think. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t put a case on your phone.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put A Case On Your Phone

Hide The Design Of The Smartphone

Smartphone manufacturers spend months and sometimes years to come up with a design that is in accordance with consumer preferences and the performance of the smartphone. The way your smartphone looks, especially if it’s an expensive phone, is not just based on aesthetics.  The phone designers give the phone that shape, that color, and those lines intentionally. The design of any smartphone is a very important feature in itself and when you choose a particular smartphone, you go for it because it somehow defines your personality or reflects your taste. If you cover it with a case, it will hide that design and it completely removes the charm of the design. Apart from that, it also affects the volume. Apart from that, when you encase your phone or keep it in a pouch, it can feel like a brick in your pocket.

Cases Increase The Temperature Of The Phone

Whether during charging or intense use, if your smartphone heats up a lot, and if you keep it in a case or a pouch, the temperature may increase even more. The most common mistakes that a lot of people is charging our phone while it is in the pouch. Low temperatures and heat are really big enemies of the phone’s battery because it can reduce its life. So, whenever you are charging your phone, make sure you take it out of the case first.

Casing Limits Access To Buttons And Slots

A lot of manufacturers of cases and covers have started to customize them as per the model of the smartphone, to ensure that it fits perfectly and doesn’t restrict any slot. But, no matter how carefully a smartphone case is made, there can still be some problems. For instance, you may discover a manufacturing error when you plug in the phone for charging but the pin doesn’t go into the slot properly because it is blocked by the case. It is not a good idea to charge your phone that way.

Magnet And Metal Affect The Phone

Cases that have magnet or metal in it may interfere with certain phone functions over time. For instance, if your phone supports wireless charging you have may have trouble receiving the signal because of the magnet or metal on your phone case. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t put a case on your phone. If you have a case with metal edges, you may even discover that it messes with the reception of WiFI signals too. The problem is not the distance to the router or the signal strength, but the metal in the casing. The magnet and metal also disturb the compass of the phone. So if your casing has magnet or metal, and your GPS doesn’t show your exact location, don’t be surprised, as the casing will mess with it and that’s why it will not be able to show the exact location. They magnet and metal may get

Inappropriate Cases Do Not Fit Well With Protective Sheets

Even though some covers are specifically made for a smartphone phone, when they are applied, they detach an edge or a corner of the protective sheet. This is is because the case if more rigid than the sheet and tightens the phone.

If you are still not convinced of the reasons why you shouldn’t put a case on your phone, there are some cases which do not affect the smartphone in either of these ways.

If these reasons still do not convince you, there are some carcases that do not affect your phone in either of these ways. I refer to those silicone frames that are applied to the edge of the phone. Silicone does not affect the performances of the gadget in any way. You may have some trouble accessing the power and volume buttons, but if it does not exist then it might be useful.

However, if you do not want your phone to scratch, hit, break before time, you need to be careful only a few things:

  1. Keep your phone in a pocket where you do not have any other items like keys
  2. Put the phone on a dry, clean surface (if you do not have a phone waterproof and dustproof)
  3. Try to avoid friction of the phone on a hard surface, otherwise scratches occur not only on the carcass, but on the camera
  4. Keep the phone away from the TV and other function phones to avoid magnetic interference

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