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10 Reasons Why Android Users Don’t Want To Switch To iOS

Jul 10, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

With the fall of Windows 10 Mobile, the smartphone market now only consists of two main players: iOS and Android. There are currently more Android users than Apple users, and chances are that stats will remain the same. This is because most Android users do not want to switch to iPhone for several reasons.

Reasons Behind Android’s Popularity

  1. There are many models choices for Android. You can get Android phones in many shapes and sizes. Different Android phones have different specifications. Android is also more innovative when it comes to features like such as dual sim, dual screen, fingerprint, rotating camera. Basically, Android meets the needs of different users and doesn’t cater to a select market.
  2. Different Android phones are available in different price ranges. There is a lot of diversity. The price diversity means you can own an Android phone no matter what your budget is. This is one of the reasons behind Android’s popularity. 
  3. Another of the reasons behind Android’s popularity is its hardware. Android phones have powerful chips, good running memory, ROM, battery capacity, screen resolution, and camera with high and low, panoramic view. Moreover, because Android phones are launched more frequently, users can often enjoy the latest technologies at the right time without having to wait for too long.
  4. Android can be emulated and the apps can be run on a Desktop computer.
  5. The app store is also one of the reasons behind Android’s popularity. The application store is developer friendly, whether it is the interface, update experience or submitting the application. There is a lot of conveniences.
  6. Better multi-tasking can be achieved with Android. Android’s background can guarantee more effective multi-task switching, than the iOS pseudo-background, especially large-scale games.
  7. Android is highly customizable.
  8. Android supports 70 language, which is great, as not everybody in the world speaks or understands English!
  9. Android is open source. So a lot of programmers all over the world work to make applications for Android. This also keeps liabilities down. As so many brains are working on it, Android continues to improve and attract more people.
  10. Android is free and this makes it a great choice for low-cost smartphones.

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