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Quora- An Untapped Platform To Get A Lot Of Traffic To Your Blog

Jul 15, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

When it comes to social media marketing, most people stick to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, there are other platforms to drive traffic to your blogs too. One of them is Quora. Quora is a simple question and answers website. Users post questions, and other users answer those questions. Read on to find out how you can use Quora for traffic.

Use Quora For Trafficuse quora for traffic

Quora is pretty simple. A user posts a question which is open for members to answers. Anyone can sign up. It is free to use and easy to use. If you have been to Quora, you might have noticed that a lot of people provide links with their answers. As you probably already know, link building is crucial for SEO. If you have a lot of links that point back to your domain that are relevant and high-authority, your site’s authority will increase. This will improve your page’s rank in search engine results pages (SERPs).

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How Does Quora Work

The primary aim of Quora is to help people find answers or solutions to their questions. When a person signs up on Quora, he gets 500 credit. This refreshes periodically. You can ask questions and use credits to promote your questions or you can ask people to answer your question. When a person follows your question, you get 10 credits. You can also answer questions posted by other people. Your answers could be upvoted or downvoted. For each upvote, you would get 10 credits. You can sign up on Quora, make a profile, and answer questions related to your expertise. In your answers, you can provide a link to your blog so that people can view the in-depth material. This is how you can use Quora for traffic for your blog.

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Increasing Traffic With Quora

Now that we know the basics, here are some ways to use Quora for traffic for your blog.

Don’t Use Irrelevant Links

You should promote your blog on Quora smartly. It shouldn’t look like you are answering questions just for the sake of publicizing your blog. Irrelevant links are penalized on Quora. So, be relevant and don’t be a spammer.

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Avoid Getting Downvoted

Try to establish yourself on Quora. Try to get many upvotes as possible and avoid downvotes. This will only be possible if you provide well researched and relevant answers. If you are just being a spammer, people will notice that and downvote you. If you get a lot of downvotes, referral traffic would be difficult.

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Build A Reputation

Try to become a power member on Quora. Provide good answers. Over time, people will recognize you and respect you. Your answers will be held in high regard. This way you will have a following on Quora, which will benefit your blog in turn.

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Make a Quora Blog

Quora gives you an option to create a blog on its platform. This blog can be great for your social media marketing. Having a blog on Quora will increase your reach and give your more audience.

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Improve Yourself

Compare your answers to those of others. See what is it that the top contributors are writing that clicks with the audience. Is it their way of writing? Is it their in-depth research? Try to stay competitive. Learn from other bloggers and get better than them. Use Quora as a self-improvement tool.

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Expand Your Network

Quora is a great platform to discover new bloggers from all over the world. If your answers a good, top bloggers may notice you and ask for guest blogging on their blog. This will help you get more traffic to your blog along with expanding your social network.

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Link To Good Pages

As every blogger knows, not all blog posts are equal. There are some blog posts in which you put in a lot of hard work and time. These blog posts are usually better than other posts. On Quora, you should put your best foot forward. Only provide links to those pages which you think are good. This will create a good impression on a first time visitor.

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As with any other too present online, the key is hard work. To use Quora to get traffic, you must work very hard. Provide good answers. Be a regular user. Overtime, you will get noticed. Apart from that, remember that Quora alone will not get you a lot of traffic. It is just one of the weapons in your arsenal.

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Do you use Quora for traffic for your blog? How was the experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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