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FAQ every New Blogger must have in their mind

Jan 9, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

For new bloggers, it is quite difficult to survive in by posting articles and those who relied on cheap tactics to make a quick buck have been put at bay thanks to the new google algorithm updates The only shortcut is that post quality content. In our previous article, we detailed “is it that simple to make money from blogging?” and told you guys if you can make a substantial amount of living from blogging. Truth is you can, but it is more trickier than that, which we have summarized below.

Questions every new blogger wants to ask

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Is every article published by a high ranking comprises of high quality?

Well the short answer is no, not every post that is published is unique or features high quality.

How come Pro bloggers receive terrific traffic on every post they publish?

That is because of years of posting, and a huge presence on the web. Take a look at the own of My blogger Tricks Mohammad Ahmed or ShoudMeLoud, Harsh Agrawa; these guys started a long time back, published consistently and never gave up. Most importantly, then never used any shortcuts, which involves the use of black hat techniques. These days, bloggers who attempt to use black hat techniques are automatically kicked to the side thanks to Google’s new algorithm, which means that the only thing bloggers should worry about is posting quality content full of information that is extremely useful to the reader. Despite the fact that blogging has become extremely competitive, it can become your sweet spot of earning if you continue to post consistently, post valuable and detailed information, as well as keep as eye out for any grammatical errors that you might be creating.

What should new bloggers do to increase their traffic and ranking?

Firstly, never go for multi-niche blogs unless you have a big dedicated team or adequate funds to invest. For a new blogger, I would advice write on some thing of his interest or hobby and target a small micro niche. Micro niche have relatively lesser competition and secondly, you will be having few posts in the start but all of them will be some how related to each other, which will give you advantage in interlinking those posts, increasing views as a result. One thing extremely important, NEVER GIVE UP! Just try and post regularly and follow the on-Page SEO points (do not religiously follow them but use them as guidelines). I did mention in my earlier post “On-Page SEO practice that a blogger should adopt” so do give it a thorough read it and do not miss any point.

I have also managed to include a video tutorial, which you will find quite useful. “Video Tutorial on how to publish an article with a good on-page SEO practice” is the name of the tutorial and for the newbies out there, I have also published a tutorial titled, “How to publish an article on WordPress.

Do let me know if you have any other questions in your mind. It will be my pleasure to share my experience and make sure you guys refrain from the mistakes that we did.

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