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Qualcomm VC, Cristiano Amon, Is Not Bothered By Apple And Broadcom

Dec 7, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Qualcomm and Apple intensified the patent war, which affected Qualcomm’s share price, and even Broadcom also launched a vicious campaign for the acquisition of Qualcomm. However, Cristiano Amon, president of CDMA technology at Qualcomm, is not concerned.

Cristiano Amon

Cristiano Amon said that in addition to Apple, “our business in China is growing rapidly, with companies such as Samsung.In addition, we are in the field of mobile phones business which is also growing rapidly.In addition, with a large number of new features, The 5G service is coming soon. 

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It is understood that Apple is currently tied to Qualcomm and Intel to purchase modem chips, and in 2018 it may only purchase chips from Intel. In response, Cristiano Amon said, that as early as early 2016, they were ready for a major handset vendor to source a modem chip from multiple suppliers. In the year Apple purchased its modem chip from two suppliers, Qualcomm Business in the CDMA technology sector is still growing, with just $ 3 billion in revenues coming from the handset business. 

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Samsung and Huawei are also developing chips that compete with Qualcomm products, which means that all three major smartphone makers are trying to reduce reliance on Qualcomm. Amon said that Apple, Samsung, and Huawei are developing their own processors, Qualcomm had previously faced such challenges. As early as the 2G era, in addition to their CDMA chips, Samsung, Motorola had its own CDMA. If there is a large enough size, you can invest in research and development. 

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Amon pointed out that mobile phone manufacturers camp has undergone great changes. The rise of millet, OPPO and Vivo opened up new markets for Qualcomm that previously did not exist.


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