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The Rise Of Pseudo Artificial Intelligence

Dec 10, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Since the past two years, the concept of artificial intelligence has prompted abnormal capital influx. A lot of giant and start-up companies are making artificial intelligence devices. On the consumer side, it seems that only a device with artificial intelligence is considered advanced.Bubble development brings more manpower and capital investment, but it is worth noting that the pseudo artificial intelligence is making the consumers the ultimate victims.

Pseudo Artificial Intelligencepseudo artificial intelligence

Li Yi, chief researcher at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Internet Research Center, said that at present, up to 90% of smart speakers and robots on the market are not artificial intelligence. Some domestic chat robot projects, foreign conference secretaries, have been exposed to human-assisted or alternative software to deceive the public and investors. Former Alibaba B2B business CEO Zhe Wei has issued a conclusion: that is, in today’s artificial intelligence project, there are a large number of “pseudo artificial intelligence” projects. Pseudo artificial intelligence may be as high as 90%, or 99%!

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Not only that, “People’s Daily” and the Voice of the Economy of the People’s Radio Station, “Finance and Economics,” criticized the pseudo-innovation of artificial intelligence and said the hype might prove to be speculation. The current hot content industry is facing the same situation. From writing robots launched by several core media such as Tencent to intelligent search engine launched by 360’s fast video and Internet companies such as Baidu in the content field in Artificial Intelligence Real AR technology is driving business development and attracting more enterprises to invest efforts in artificial intelligence, but at the same time the ability to exaggerate, the concept of speculation and other bubble problems also exist.

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In the content of survival and crawling links, there have been intervention of artificial intelligence robots, such as Tencent News’s “Dream Writer”, Xinhua News Agency “Pen”, “Xiaoming” today’s headlines, Southern Metropolis Daily, “South” and so on. A few seconds can generate a rigorous structure, detailed data and information manuscripts, so many journalists are shocked and ashamed. So from 2015 onwards, the disappearance of journalists has been proposed.

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pseudo artificial intelligence

In fact, since the 1950s, writing robots have been well-known among the American press for their rapid search and processing of big data information. However, for more than 60 years, the occupation of American journalists has not disappeared. What needs to be admitted is that the writing robot represents the advanced productive forces and, for now, can become a quality assistant to journalists. In fact, artificial intelligence behind the writing robot is relatively low-tech content, all it can do is take advantage of big data extraction of cold numbers and content, the formation of structured news reports, in the depth of follow-up reports on writing stories, deeds and other needs of the strong emotional news or communication showed obvious weakness, which is the strength of the reporter.

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The exponential growth of information and video does not mean that consumers have easier access to what they love or need, but rather further aggravate the difficulty of connecting content to people. In the face of massive content, the search engine represented by Baidu realizes people looking for information, but the efficiency is getting lower and lower. Based on the interest shown by today’s headlines, information search is sought, obtaining recognition from industries and users for a period of time, However, the dilemma of “information cocoon room” has always existed and intensified.

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The so-called “information cocoon room” is that people in the field of information will be habitually guided by their own interests, so that their lives are trapped in cocoon-like “cocoon room”, unwilling to accept heterogeneous information and views phenomenon. Simple recommendation engines based on readers’ interest are exacerbating this trend, which is why data flow in today’s headlines is being criticized. Breaking the “information cocoon room” requires analyzing the user’s behavior and interest preferences from different dimensions and guiding the user to explore the contents of other fields. This is what artificial intelligence needs to do. Baidu, Ali, 360, Today’s headlines, fast hand and other giants or entrepreneurship Companies are exploring, recently launched 360 fast videos “smart search engine” as a representative solution.

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Compared with a search engine, the recommendation engine is a higher order form, the key is to recommend interest at the same time, strengthen the emotional perception and free exploration, which is the core of artificial intelligence. In fact, among fast video platforms, artificial intelligence has been integrated into the whole process of production and distribution of ultra-short videos: fast video can be filtered out for about 1-3 minutes through techniques such as intelligent discovery, intelligent evaluation, and intelligent de-duplication. The concentrated essence High-quality short video, filter out the low-quality content. At the same time, it can also generate a high-quality smart cover, to maximize the user experience.

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The 360 Artificial Intelligence Institute is based on deep learning computing platform and cloud service desk, focusing on artificial intelligence techniques such as image, big data, voice, and speech. Short videos are one of the important areas. However, short-haul video games are easily misunderstood to have similar solutions.

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Artificial intelligence has become an inevitable choice for the content industry. To the centralized internet world, how to make high-quality content and people who need to connect efficiently, has always been the platform to think about.There are three common strategies: First, discover and subsidize authors or high-quality content that generate good content and attract readers. Baidu, Tencent, Ali, 360, and today’s headlines have launched a corresponding subsidy program. Second, with the help of public opinion monitoring and editorial tools improvements, providing services to creators and making it easier to generate good content, Baidu, Ali and the public opinion laboratories of today are playing such a role. Third, by using artificial intelligence, it’s easier to connect good people with the content they need. Compared with the former two, this will be the mainstream direction in the future.

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In terms of information content, the headlines today help the author to pay more attention to content by optimizing the title, cover, etc. There is a tendency for artificial intelligence to deviate. Baidu tries to enhance the distribution effect through a combination of search engine and artificial intelligence. In the field of short video and fast video, the fast video search engine of 360 has taken a solid step. In the future, the “exploration engine” will also lead the creation of high-quality content to make the fast video have a complete content ecology. Fast drivers are also using artificial intelligence change the recommended engine mechanism, but the relative lack of technology accumulation requires further observation.

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Whether it is BAT, 360 and other giants or today’s headlines, fast starters and other start-up companies, all are stressed about AI. It can be predicted that 2018 will be the year of artificial intelligence and content combination. Inevitably, some enterprises are really applying the technology, while some companies are following the concept of speculation. It is easy to understand the content and understand people to form a more effective connection, but it is difficult to practice. Artificial intelligence also needs to continue to precipitate and grow.


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