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Prepare before you meet your girlfriend’s parents

Mar 30, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

To get a girlfriend is merely an easy task when it comes to impress her parents and making them feel that you are the only prince whom her daughter dreams every day. Impressing your to be mother in law is not a big deal. Mothers always want to tie knots of her daughter’s marriage imminently but the scenario of a father’s selection of son-in-law is entirely a different ball game.

Daughter is always an apple of his father’s eye. No matter how many boyfriends sPrepare before you meet your girlfriend's parents teahe has had, how old is she or how uncertain her past would be, but she will always be   the most innocent girl and you are the culprit ruining her innocence. This is the mind frames of most of the father and with the same attitude they judge their daughter’s to be husband. So, preparing your mind before meeting your girlfriend’s parents is very important. Here are few points to be applied to make you achieve your goal (convincing your girlfriend’s parents) in an easier way.

Do Your Homework:

Prepare before you meet your girlfriend’s parents. Know what they like and dislike, where they work and the discussion they enjoy more. This will help you to hold the conversation. Most important is to know their religious belief and political views to avoid any type of conflict in conversation. It’s better to avoid talking on conflicting topics rather than arguing on it.

Proper Dressing:

Dressing matters a lot as first impression is the last impression. Avoid presenting yourself in a ripped jeans or a funky shirt. For a better impression decency of dressing is important. So get a shave and wear clean decent clothes which suits you personality.

A Gift:

Take a small gift not for your girlfriend but a general thing which can be shared among all members like a packet of sweets or a cake etc. Because you are first time meeting the girlfriend’s family so present it as a gesture of love. This will show that you belong to a good family.

Be Honest:

Don’t think that the person judging you is a fool. He is much more experienced than you so avoid any false commitments. Don’t try to pose yourself as a hero, be yourself. Answer all questions honestly maintaining your own dignity and confidence.

Break The Ice:

Start a conversation with the topic on which you have sufficient matter to talk .Maintain a good grip on your nerves showing yourself a good confident gentleman. Don’t  act like a morning show celebrity just answering and then waiting for the next question. Built a good two-sided conversation.

Body Language:body language - confidence - language - break the ice - sense of maturity - Prepare before you meet your girlfriend's parents

They can judge you with the gestures and postures more than the words you speak. Don’t let your actions go contrary to the words you speak posing that you are lying or making any false commitments. Unnecessary smile, too much movement of hands, moving legs or avoiding eye contact clearly depicts a picture of nervousness to the old father judging you.

Be Confident:

Confidence is the key to success. Maintain a good conversation with eye contact to ensure that you are a good confident person. Think that if you are unable to be confident, than why they should be confident to give their daughter’s hand to you.

Usage of Words:

Any experience couple can easily judge a guy by the words he speaks. So don’t take it easy by being over friendly and using slangs or vulgar language. Try to be decent and polite. By appropriate use of words like “Thank you”, “Please”, “Nice to meet You” etc you can demonstrate politeness and gentleness.

Sense Of Maturity:

Show yourself as a mature young gentleman. Don’t try to crack foolish jokes which will sound annoying for them. Avoid laughing constantly on any joke posing yourself as a joker. Be sensible enough to judge the reaction of your girlfriend’s parents and act accordingly.

Avoid False Promises:

Guys usually promises things they ain’t able to do or act on. This does not mean that don’t promise anything. You can make promises but promise what you are able to do. Talk on your past achievements and promise what you can really do for her in future.

Your integrity and family values should be you first priority. So don’t compromise on it. Your girlfriend’s parents will judge you with the ability you have not with car you have or how rich you are. If you are honest, decent and a mature guy then no one can reject you.

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