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Pokemon Go Users Have Reduced By 90%!

Jun 5, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Do you remember “Pokémon Go”? Last summer, this augmented reality game debuted and basically swept the entire Internet. According to a new report, although the game users have been significantly reduced, the game developers are still making great profits.

Pokemon Go

From the market analysis, the firmThinkGaming data show that in the past 5 months, “Pokémon Go” average number of users per day is about 14.8 million, and in July 2016, the number was close to 1.6 million. In other words, the number of “Pokémon Go” games has dropped by about 90%. However, despite the fact that “Pokémon Go” popularity dropped significantly, the game is still making money for developers. The decline in the revenue is not so big. The data show that “Pokémon Go” earns $ 130 per minute during the peak period, and now the figure is about $ 99.52 per minute. Obviously, this figure is not proportional to the proportion of users lost by the game. According to previous reports, Apple’s latest flagship iPhone 8 is likely to support the enhancement of real technology. cannot say if iPhone users will download PokemonGo because of these new features. Pokemon Go has beaten both Clash of Clans and Game of War revenue wise. Those who are still hooked on to Pokemon Go are dedicated fans who also spend on in-app purchases. Pokemon Go is earning more than Game of War Fire Age, which earns an average of £41 ($53, AU$71.35) a minute and Clash of Clans that earns £52 ($67, AU$91) in a minute. 

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Candy Crush Saga still makes the most money. It earns £116 ($149, AU$202) per minute. Think Gaming works with predicted figures but its values are trusted by around 75,000 game developers, publishers, and investors. This means the figures are pretty accurate. It collates the figures based on a model which uses each application’s ranking in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to predicts revenue and daily active users. The model is made and input anonymous data that is taken from some top grossing games on Android and iOS stores. We will not know the real figures for Pokemon Go unless they are shared by developer Niantic. In April, Niantic said it had 65+ million players every month. If the figures are accurate, a lot fewer people are playing the game now according to the Think Gaming report but it is still earning a lot. This means those playing Pokemon Go right now are so into the game that they don’t mind spending money. How long will this continue for is an entirely different question

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Do you still play Pokemon Go? Share with us in the comments below!

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