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Pokeland coming to iOS and Android soon

Jun 5, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

We now know that the Pokemon Go craze is almost dead. After the 90% drop in the members, most of the people who still have Pokemon Go on their mobile phones are ones that do not play it anymore but do not have the heart to delete it because of the hard work that they placed in it. Pokeland is the new Pokemon game that would keep the users hooked to the franchise.

Pokeland Features and gameplay

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However the world of Pokemon is always happening and new things come to it every day. So now the newest in Pokemon apps is the Nintendo’s much famous and lauded game Pokeland. It has been announced that Pokelands would soon be coming to both iOS and Android. The next part of the news is that the Pokelands game app will be a mix of Pokemon Go and the old rumble edition. So that might mean that there would be augmented reality incorporated into the game.

Today the game goes live in Japan for alpha testing. Although the official worldwide release would be late, but the apks might become available soon. Lets see when they would, and how useful they be, because if the game requires location updates then the apks might not be helpful.

Soon there will be more updates regarding the alpha version. What we know uptill now is that there are 52 stages in the game and you have to climb a champion’s tower that has 15 floors. The users can discover up to 153 different Pokémon but of course this number will increase once the game officially releases worldwide.

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The game will require an all the time internet connection. But according to the reports right now it also needs a Nintendo account to be associated with it. if it is the case then there will be a much less user base of the game as compared to Pokemon Go but most probably this condition might be laxed in the official release.

So are you excited about the upcoming Pokeland? Let us know in the comments section below.

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