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PlayKey the cloud gaming heaven for online gamers

May 22, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

A gaming PC is a very expensive device. There are a number of features in a proper and well equipped gaming PC that makes it very expensive and difficult for average people to afford it like normal people for every day. However the gaming aficionados like to enjoy a good play online without having to pay a huge amount for it. Cloud gaming is the answer to that issue.

So playKey has given a new light online gaming by bringing cloud computing platform to pay an important role in it. The main thing about this platform is that the costs are not that high. Due to lesser costs more and more people can afford it and it can become a norm for the gamers to play the online games to their fill through the PlayKey platform.

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Requirements for PlayKey cloud gaming to work on your PC

There are no Hi Fi requirements for PlayKey to work on your system. The minimum requirements include minimum download internet speed of 10MBps, required for PlayKey to stream at 720p resolution and 30 FPS, under a $10 monthly subscription.

There are different monthly plans and if you opt for the $20 monthly plan, you can stream games at 60FPS 1080p HD resolution, at ultra  settings, with the minimum requirement of a 20Mbps internet connection.

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The best thing is that there is a free thirty minute demo available too. So if you have your doubts and do not want to make the payment as soon as possible, you can avail the free minutes and then see that if it will work for you or not. I would strongly advise to at least try the free version.

Are you planning to try out PlayKey for gaming? Have you ever played any game on the cloud platform?

Let us know about your experience in cloud platform gaming platform by commenting below.

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