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Uber Charged Passenger $18,818 For A 20 Minutes Ride

Dec 12, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The touring service Uber has a miserable year, a scandal followed in the past few months to the next.And the series of negative headlines does not stop.Currently, it’s an $ 18,000 bill that a customer got for a 21-minute drive.Of course, he does not have to pay them.


Uber had a jet-black year in 2017, which does not mean the business figures. Because the startup had to contend with numerous scandals, including data protection breakdowns and hacks, internal harassment allegations and accusations of technology clutter. And that’s just a “Best Of” or rather “Worst Of” the past months.
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And the negative series continues cheerfully, even if the damage is limited in this case.Because according to a report by The Comeback (via Slate ) a customer in Toronto was charged 18,818.50 Canadian dollars (equivalent to 12,200 euros) charged for a trip. In itself, the 20-minute promotion would have cost between twelve and 16 dollars, after all, the distance traveled was just about five miles.

Twitter user Emily Kennard brought the matter to the public and said that Uber initially did not want to take back the bill. Only later did it realize that it was a mistake and withdrew the claim. An Uber spokeswoman has now confirmed the matter and said that this was a mistake and it gave the person concerned a full refund.

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The matter cannot be explained yet: “We have backups to prevent something like that and are currently working on understanding how this could happen,” said the Uber spokeswoman.


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