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Parihugs Bringing kids and parents closer to each other

Apr 11, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Meet Pari, the adorable stuff toy that does something really special. Pari is able to send Parihugs from parents to their kids, grandparents to grand kids, or girlfriend to boyfriend when one is far away from the other.

Today when most of the jobs require travelling from one place to the other, parents and kids are separated for long periods of time because of work responsibilities. In order to keep them connected to each other in a special way the concept of Parihugs is developed.

Meet Parihugs


Hugging is most sweet and intimate part of a parent child relationship. A child really misses their parent’s touch and hugs when he or she is not with them. Based on this principle, Pari was designed. It can work in two ways. Either you have a twin pair of Paris. One is with the child and one is with the parent. When the parent is hugging their Pari, the child will feel it too. There is a motor and accelerator fitted inside the toy. One it receives the hug signal the motor starts and the child will feel the toy vibrating, ready to be hugged. In this way if the child is away from the toy he or she might miss the hug. The best method is be talking on phone and then hug Pari. In this way the hug would not be missed.


If the two people are hugging the twin pair at the same time both can listen to the heartbeats of each other however to have the real data you need a Fitbit or any other fitness device. But if you do not have that device it can work on its own also, probably by sending recorded heartbeats to each other.

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However the manufactures of Parihugs know that people who are working travel very light so they have develops an App for Pari also. So if you cannot take the large Pari with you all the time you can take its miniature version that is just 5 inch tall and activate hugs through the App. App will let you send hug to more than one people  ( given that they all have a Pari connected to your App). Pari can be connected via Bluetooth or WiFi.


So this is an easy to use toy, which has many utilities. If Pari gets dirty it is easy to be washed in the washing machines. Just do not forget to get the batteries out before popping up the toy in the machine.

Parihugs, debuts on kickstarter today. You can get Pari Accessories also if you pledge an amount with the manufacturers. There are Pari post cards that kids can give to their friends, Pari Passport where kids can document about their trips and Pari Travel Tags.

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So next time you travel for work, you do not have to miss hugging your child as you have Parihugs to share with him.

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