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Outrage As Xbox Live Reveals User Identities Without Consent

Mar 2, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Gamers who access Microsoft’s Xbox Live gaming network will be able to see their real name.But the user has to agree explicitly because of course, not everyone wants to reveal their identity.Recently, however, a bug appeared that revealed the real names of many users.

Xbox Live

A (most likely) bug angered some users yesterday because their real names appeared on Xbox Live even though they did not want that to happen. On Reddit, a user writes rather annoyed that he has already reported that, but Microsoft didn’t have a solution even after a few hours had elapsed.

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While this did bring a bit of ridicule to the thread creator, many players said it was a serious security and privacy breach and a legitimate reason to get upset and criticize Microsoft.

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Microsoft has informed that they are actively investigating the matter. Investigating or resolving the problem was also likely to result in Xbox Live services outage. In any case, this suggests that there has been an overlap between these two issues – but of course, that can be pure coincidence.

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However, the problem with the unintentionally revealed names is likely to be history again.Microsoft told Mashable that they had fixed it the issue that some users had regarding their profiles. Microsoft has not given any reasons or other explanations.


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