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OPPO R11 Uses a Image Processor Optimized for Customization With Qualcomm

May 25, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

OPPO announced that the R11 will soon be released. OPPO has confirmed that R11 will use 20 million ultra-clear double photos, and bring a new portrait mode. On May 22, OPPO published a heavy message: In order to provide a good experience of taking pictures, OPPO and Qualcomm have joined hands for custom optimization of the flagship image processor.

OPPO R11 and Qualcomm

This time, OPPO and Qualcomm have joined hands for custom optimization of the flagship image processor, the carrier platform is Qualcomm 660 mobile platform. The cooperation was announced in the OPPO official micro-release and Qualcomm China, official microblogging. The Xiao Long 600 level has the Qualcomm top Spectra 160 ISP support. For the first time, the Xiao Long 600 series is using HVX. It also supports high-performance low-power imaging processing. The imaging plays a vital role. ISP, that is, image signal processing, the equivalent of the computer camera brain, image processing hardware core, involved in dealing with the picture focus, exposure, synthesis and other complete processes have been used. HVX is a parallel computing technology used to improve image processing speed and effectiveness and reduce power consumption. In general, both have improved the effect. The picture is clearer and brighter. You can also take perfect shots in the dark.  OPPO says the flagship image processor consumes less power and achieves smooth optical zoom, fast autofocus, more realistic picture color, and stunning low-light effects. The effect is only on the R11 flagship image processor general description. OPPO and Qualcomm cooperation tried to do specific optimization, to provide a real camera experience. The camera effects will be enhanced. However, it is worth noting that Qualcomm’s microblogging specifically stressed the cooperation of the two companies more than R11.

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