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Opera’s New Anti-bitcoin Mining Feature Protects Users

Dec 26, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Opera has already released a new pre-release version of their free web browser Opera version 50 last week.The build 50.0.2762.42 now suppresses Bitcoin mining scripts with a new innovative feature.


This new feature under the hood of Opera is intended to suppress the undercutting of scripts for mining cryptocurrency in general. In order to avoid the illegal use of third-party computing power by website owners or malicious code operators, Opera has now developed a built-in blocker that blocks all corresponding mining scripts. The developers report in detail on their blog.

On the one hand, the fraud is stopped, on the other hand, the user is quite simply protected from the fact that the computing power blocked by the script overwhelms the device and makes work impossible. Basically, the anti-mining feature in the background works much like an ad blocker. It filters all corresponding scripts and stops them.

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But that’s not all that the new pre-release version has to offer. There’s even better VR support for the Oculus and Chromecast. There are also a number of bug fixes.

The changelog includes the following new features:

  • Setting for disabling animations in speed dial
  • Support for additional VPN sites for testing
  • New design for the prompt for a review of Opera

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Growing problems around the cryptocurrency fraud prompt the browser developers to pull the emergency brake. First hardware vendors have already announced that they would not grant warranty service after Bitcoin mining. In addition, the computing power reserved for mining has caused such high power consumption worldwide that it could have supplied entire countries with it .


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