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Nvidia And Continental To Develop Self Driving Cars

Feb 6, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Chip manufacturer Nvidia and automotive supplier Continental have decided to partner with self-driving cars.The focus of the cooperation will be the development of AI systems, which will also enable cars without pedals and steering wheels.The market launch for a common vehicle system is planned for 2022.

Nvidia And Continental

Continental announces on its website that companies will work closely together to develop vehicles on the Nvidia Drive Xavier platform. “The system solution for self-propelled vehicles will leverage Continental’s expertise in systems and software engineering for ASIL Level D safety systems – the highest level of assessment – and integrate a range of sensor technologies including Radar, Camera and High-Resolution 3D LIDAR from Continental.” , according to the Continental press release.

For years, Nvidia has been intensively involved with the artificial intelligence essential for autonomous driving. At the beginning of 2016, the semiconductor manufacturer had unveiled a “supercomputer” specially developed for this sector. Nvidia has meanwhile been able to increase its computing power to 30 trillion per second with 24 billion computing operations per second. The power consumption for the hardware used for deep learning should be only 30 watts.

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Continental and NVIDIA first want to devote themselves to the functions of highly automated driving. These include the 360-degree environment detection, the automatic lane change and threading into traffic by autonomously driving cars. In addition, the system is designed to integrate HD maps that allow a vehicle to locate itself and provide map updates. Continental will contribute its expertise in driver assistance systems with multi-function cameras, all-around fisheye cameras, and near and far-range sensors.
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“Working with NVIDIA will enable Continental to improve its leadership position in driver assistance systems and provide systems for automated and autonomous driving of today’s NCAP requirements up to Level 5,” said Luca De Ambroggi Researcher and Analyst Director of IHS Markit. Level 5 is the highest of five autonomous driving classification levels, which eliminates the need for a driver.

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