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Nubia Z17 Mini finally unveiled to the world

Jun 2, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Nubia has just unveiled its flagship mobile phone Nubia Z17 Mini and we are quite impressed with what we saw. Nubia did promise to have a bigger and efficient design and it fulfilled its promise of a better phone.

Nubia Z17 Mini Features

Earlier we did gave the list of features in the leaks but now we have the accurate list of features and characteristics. Firstly it is water proof, the feature that Samsung Galaxy S8 also delivered. The screen is 5.5 inch with 1080 pixels and bezel less display. The display is also covered with corning Gorilla glass that would make it robust. It comes in five impressive colors including black, black gold, red, blue and gold.

nubia Z17 Mini

It has the very powerful Snapdragon 835 core so we are expecting the phone to run seamlessly with efficiency and grace. Also it has an 8Gb of RAM to its core. The inbuilt storage is 128 GB but one big flaw in the design is that there is no slot for SD card. So the storage capacity cannot be increased from 128 GB. These days when almost all the mobile phones are coming with SD card slot, it is difficult to understand why the team at ZTE ignored the presence of SD card.

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nubia Z17 Mini

There is the fingerprint scanner placed at the back of the phone in the center. Apart from the absence of SD card slot the design and specifications of the phone are flawless and will make Nubia Z17 Mini a strong competitor to phones from Xiaomi or even Huawei.

Do you plan to buy the new Nubia Z17 mini? Do you have any experience with Nubia products? Let us know by commenting below.

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