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Now You Can Convert Whatsapp Audio Messages Into Text Messages

Jul 12, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Isn’t it a bit annoying when someone sends you an audio message when you would much rather read a message? Or isn’t it inconvenient when you can’t listen to an audio message because you don’t have your headphones and there is just too much noise around? Well, despair no more! Speechless will now convert audio messages into text messages.


Developed by Becreatives srl, Speechless is a tool that allows you to convert WhatsApp’s voice messages into text messages so that you can interpret them even when you can not hear the audio. To use the application just select the WhatsApp audio message to convert and share it with the Speechless app. Within seconds, you will have the equivalent text that can be copied or shared directly from the application. The tool works with any kind of voice note and currently supports ten languages, including Italian. Speechless is available for Android for free with optional in-app purchases and requires permission to access photos, media, and files. Among the more than 50 billion messages exchanged every day each month by 1.2 billion users worldwide, 25% are in fact made up of voice notes, with continued growth. Speechless already supports 10 languages – from English to Spanish to Russian to Portuguese, German and of course English – and is available for iOS and Android. The functionality is integrated into the content sharing menu. The files clicked will be uploaded to the cloud of Speechless, which is equipped with a voice recognition algorithm, and transcribed in a few seconds. Of course, there will be some limitations and the performance depends on your data connection too.

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Speechless is available free for Android and iOS will allow you to get the transcripts of messages up to 15 seconds long. To overcome this limit you will need to make an in-app purchase for the price of 2.29 €.

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