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Nokia 8 Review: First Nokia Android Phone!

Oct 10, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Finnish brand Nokia, under the guidance of HMD Global, has finally came up with a new phone: Nokia 8. It has quality, Android, and Zeiss cameras. Seems like Nokia is trying to be back in the game. 

Nokia 8 Review
nokia 8 review

In the box you get a Quick Charge 3.0 battery charger. This let’s you charge your Nokia 8 faster. 50% of the phone can be charged in less than 30 minutes. You also a get a pair of in-ear headphones, and a Type-C USB cable.

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Nokia 8 has some top of the class technical features. The processor has SoC QUalcomm Snapdragon 835 with octa-core GPU, accompanied by four 2.45 GHz core and four 1.9 GHz core, Adreno 540 GPU and 4 GB RAM. The internal memory of Nokia 8 is 64 GB and it is expandable using MicroSD, Of this, around 13 GB are used by the system. So, the memory available to users is 51 GB. The connectivity of the phone is also good. The download LTE is up to 450 Mbps and the it is around 50 Mbps in upload, WiFi is 802.11 b / g / n / ac. Bluetooth is 5.0. There is also GPS/GLONASS for geo-localization and NFC. In some markets you can even find the dual sim variant of the phone. The reception is standard, nothing exceptional. Below the 5.3 inch display, on the front, you see two soft-touch buttons. They are for the back and multitasking functions. The fingerprint sensor is in the centre, and also works as a home key. The fingerprint sensor recognition is quick, but there is a slight delay in re-ignition with release. This seems to be a software related problem.

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The weight of the phone is 160 grams. Its dimensions are 151.5 x 73.7 x 7.9 mm. The body of Nokia 8 is an aluminum casing, which is made up of 40 workpieces to achieve a result of consistency and quality. The thickness reduces by up to 4 mm at the bottom and the overall balance of the weight make the phone feel high quality. The construction is just OK. The design is pretty good. The NOKIA logo is at the top right. Flip vibration, power, and volume keys are also there. The flip vibration key is pretty dry and this feature is mostly seen on low-end products. The power key has a tough feedback and uses the camera’s quick opening shortcut through a double click of the Power button. 

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The format display is 16: 9 and it measures 5.3 inches with IPS LCD technology and QHD resolution or 2560 x 1440 pixels. The quality of the panel is of a high standard, and is comparable to the best LCDs used by HTC on its flagship with a chromatic rendering and a high level saturation and high brightness for good visibility even under the sun.

nokia 8

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The iconic Glance Screen, or “the always on display” of Nokia is also there which shows information about sms, email, calls, date, time and battery remaining on screen off. This is pretty useful. The audio compartment is also one of the main features of Nokia. You will find Nokia OZO, which is advanced system which combines software and hardware for audio rendering in video. There are 3 microphones (posteriorly, one front and one side) . and a very advanced algorithm, which makes the audio multi-directional. The result is an excellent sound quality. The headphones and system speaker are not so great. The volume is high but loss bass and sharp.

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The  camera compartment hasof a 13-megapixel Sony IMX258 sensor, one in black and white, and the other with an RGB filter. This solution has been seen on other devices too. On the back is the Zeiss brand. There is also dual flash LEDs in many color shades and autofocus lasers. Both complement each other, The front camera is 13 megapixels with autofocus. Both the front and rear cameras can record videos up to 4K resolution. Right now you can’t do recording in FullHD at 60 fps. The cameras is one of the best ones in 2017.

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Day-to-day macros and panoramas allow Nokia 8 to leverage all of its photographic capabilities. The results are good even at night time, which is pretty rare. There are some slight aberrations but maybe some camera app updates will solve that. There is also sometimes called Bothie. It lets you use both the front and the back camera at the same time to create a single photo. This is certainly not a new concept. It is really fun and Nokia 8 can enhance it by adding new customizations and effects. 

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The battery of Nokia 8 is 3090 mAh battery. This is an average value, and similar to other top of the range phones in the market. The only difference is the software which is parsimonious in the consumption while running a QHD display and a processor like the Snapdragon 835. This gives you  5 hours onscreen shake. It also depends on your use. The prolonged use of camera can obviously use up the battery faster, but it is still better than the average.

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The software is also a key feature of Nokia 8. The software is Android Pure. The version used is Android 7.1.1 Nougat. The graphic interface has not been personalized. HMD Global believes that the pure Android will ensure that updates are quick and effective. Compared to Android Stock, the difference is the camera application. The quality of the shots have increased. You can change the settings on the Glare Screen related to missed calls, mail, time, sms and date. Usually the software runs smoothly, only slows down sometimes. Sometimes there are problems with heavy applications too. Google Stock applications complete the package as it adds few but significant office specific functions.

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HMD Global, the company affiliated with Nokia, has done a good with Nokia 8. It is also a test for them. Nokia 8 is a high end product but nothing exceptional. It is a good idea to think of Nokia as a new company, as it is not really a level playing field for them right now. Nokia 8 has  a lot of potential. There are some minor defects. The price is 704 USD.

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