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Nokia 1 With Android Go Will Be Pretty Affordable

Dec 26, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Finnish provider HMD Global wants to launch another low-end smartphone in the market after the recently introduced Nokia 2. The so-called ” Nokia 1 ” will come on the market according to its name as part of the Android Go program and thus address customers in emerging markets. Also, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei wants to work on a similar device.

Nokia 1

As Russian journalist Eldar Murtazin, who has good relations with a number of hardware manufacturers, recently said, both HMD Global and its Nokia brand and Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei are apparently participating in Google’s recently launched Android Go. The adapted version of Android 8.0 “Oreo” should run mainly on simple, cheap devices, which come along with little memory.

The equipment of the Nokia 1 is also simple, which is of course again named by HMD Global under official license. Murtazin says that the Nokia 1 is to be equipped with only one gigabyte of RAM and a meager eight gigabyte of internal flash memory. This is made possible by the stripped-down Android Go, which also ensures that the Nokia 1 is still running smoothly with so little memory.

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Further details about hardware are little known, but Murtazin speaks of a display with HD resolution, which should, therefore, provide a usable image quality. It is also an IPS panel, which should score points with low viewing angle dependency. The price of the device should be between 4990 and 5490 rubles, which would correspond to the equivalent of 73 to 80 euros. The journalist has not yet revealed more.

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Looking at Huawei’s first Android Go smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer, Murtazin said that although they have a similar device with nearly the same equipment in work, it is not clear whether this is also on the market. If Huawei dare, the price should move in the same region as the Nokia 1.

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Given the trend towards higher average prices for smartphones, this move of HMD and Huawei are surprising. Most manufacturers have been trying for some time to increase the average selling prices of their devices by not using particularly low-priced models with small margins. Ultimately, the distribution of such products is rarely worthwhile. It would be conceivable that a strong focus on emerging markets and developing countries would involve selling large quantities.


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