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Nintendo Switch Sold Out Like Hot Cakes

Jul 26, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

According to reports, recently Nintendo officially released new quarterly earnings. Earnings also highlighted the performance of the new Nintendo Switch in the first quarter. From the data given in the earnings report, as of June 30, Nintendo Switch has sold 4.7 million units, and one of NS first products “Zelda legend: the wilderness” is also approaching the 400 million mark.

Nintendo Switch

In the earnings report, Nintendo once again referred to the production capacity. They said that due to capacity limitations,  Nintendo Switch sales growth has been subjected to a certain lag. Nintendo is confident that the target for the current fiscal year will be 10 million units, but it is worrying that the supply of Nintendo has not improved after the sale of “Splatoon 2” this month, which seems to be the most difficult problem for Nintendo recently.

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For the software, “Zelda legend: the wilderness”, the Nintendo Switch version sold 3.92 million in four months time.  Another game,  “Mario Racing 8: Deluxe Edition” sold no less than 3.54 million units. Released just last month, the original fighting game “ARMS” also harvested a good market reaction. It took it less than half a month to reach the million mark.  Since its release, Nintendo Switch has been sought after by the entire market. The home screen and convenient portability of the host is an important advantage, but it also caused some trouble for Nintendo. The Nintendo sales vice president of the United States Doug Bowser once again reiterated that the emergence of Nintendo Switch does not affect the Nintendo 3DS plan.

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Doug Bowser believes that Nintendo’s 3DS still has a lot of focus on the launch of the game. This month they will also introduce new hardware 2DS XL. 3DS has already sold 66 million units all over the world.  3Ds has been a popular handheld since 7 years. This year Nintendo hopes to sell 6 million units of 3DS.


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