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Nintendo Switch Kernel Exploit Shown At 34C3

Dec 30, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

At the 34C3 in Leipzig, a team now showed a backdoor that could be used to run unofficial software on the Nintendo Switch.The video for the lecture was unfortunately deleted on YouTube, so there is currently a lack of illustrative material for the homebrew project.

Nintendo Switch

Currently, the message goes through the media that at the 34C3 in Leipzig, an exploit of the Nintendo Switch kernel was shown. The presentation had already been announced for some time, and a few weeks ago there were first details about it. Gamers will be following the issue for a long time: It’s about the safety of the Nintendo Switch, but also about the feasibility of a hack and thus about the race, who breaks the switch first. The Japanese have made their latest game console particularly safe – safer than ever but a tea, has now made the backdoor on the switch public.

In the lecture on the 34C3, it was, therefore, more about the safety concept of the Switch, than the mere showing of the hack. A homebrew version should come, promised the team around Plutoo, Derrek, Naehrwert, and Yellows8 (who was not in Leipzig). Switch owners should stay with firmware version 3.0.0.

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The way to undermine the security mechanisms goes through a backdoor, which the chip giant Nvidia has created for itself to have access to the Tegra X1 chip used in the switch at all times. So, the exploit is exploiting a built-in vulnerability that’s actually there for maintenance, and that now allows kernel-level code execution. A previously released video about the switch kernel exploit is currently offline again.Background information is unknown.


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