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Night Blogging – A very interesting blogging phenomenen

May 11, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Night blogging is a really interesting and intriguing phenomenon. It results in some really great, shocking, profound or absolutely nonsensical posts. So what is night blogging? Let us first define the term and then look at its history and origins.

Night blogging means blogs that are posted in the late night. By late it usually means after 11 pm and till around 5 am. Usually night blogs are not very serious but sometimes they do tend to question the deep and profound realities’ of life. Due to the lateness of hour and fatigue, the bloggers usually post blog posts that do not really make much sense and they would not blog such posts in the day time. However these nonsense posts are accepted at this hour because it is night. It is also sometimes called drunk blogging or blogging while you are high.

Because of the lateness of the hour the bloggers are given a leverage and they can blog whatever is on their minds.

Origins of night blogging

Night blogging started with the trends of making late night posts. Sometimes when people returned home after partying or after a hard day at work. They wanted to unwind by blogging. As their minds were obviously not as fresh as in the morning they ended up blogging posts that were either hilarious or absurd. This trend started to grew and people became more and more interested in it. Now you can find a huge number of night blogs and there are night bloggers who have become famous.

Who are the night bloggers?

Usually college and university students would night blog because they stayed up late in the night. There are many other people too who have spare time and want to night blog. Another big amount of night bloggers are people who are on their night duties. Because of that they are up all night and in the few spare minutes that they get during their duty, they would night blog.

But now night blogging have become a fad and everyone is into it. There is no specific age or profession limit. You can find people from all age groups and profession engrossed in this hobby.

Night blogging via tumblr

Tumblr is a great place to find the best of night blogging and night bloggers. You can choose the best platform for night blogging that suit you but if you want to be surrounded by a number of night bloggers then join these tumblr night blogging groups.

Is night blogging an addiction?

It is sort of an addiction for some people. In fact blogging itself is very addictive. But usually blogging has a purpose and a motive. Night blogging is usually comparable to rants and rumblings of an empty (or usually disturbed) mind. It is has no real motive. Of course here too you can ad Google Adsense and all blog earning tools to get money but content wise it is not rich and mostly comprise to junk content that does not have much value.

Night blogging and vamping

Night bloggers are the part of vamping crowd. Vamping is a term that came from vampire. As vampires are creatures of the night and the legend says that when the sun comes out they turn into dust. So the night bloggers are also the creatures of night or nocturnal. They stay awake all night, glued to their screen spending time on the social media.

Types of night blogging posts

You would find all kinds of blog posts in your exploration of night blogging. Here are some categories in which you can categorize them.

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  1. Funny posts

The most popular night blogging posts category are funny posts. These are jokes or some absurd assumptions like “Have you ever felt like a plastic bag and choke other people.” “Sometimes I feel like I am a lamp post.” Occasionally you will come across a really great piece of sarcastic humor that you will love. There will also be a large number of funny pictures and images. Pictures of celebrities that have been modified using Photo shopped to look hilarious or scary picture.

night blogging night blogging

  1. Nonsense Posts

Sometimes there is no logic, rationale or sense behind a post. It is simply written because the night blogger just wanted to write something but had no idea or plan about what to write and he ended up writing complete gibberish that is not of any use or utility.

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Here are some nonsense bight blogging posts.

night blogging night blogging

  1. Profound and thoughtful posts

Not all night bloggers post unfruitful posts. There are night bloggers who would post profound philosophical posts. The posts are their individual observations of the world around them. Sometimes when a philosophical discussion pops up among the night bloggers it is really fascinating and there is a lot of food for thought.

night blogging

Is night blogging good or bad?

There are definitely more bad effects of blogging then the good effects. If the content created is good and useful then definitely there is some compensation in wasting your precious sleep hours otherwise the sacrifice of sleep is totally useless. The sad part is that students and the younger generation are becoming an addict to night blogging and they spend their entire nights online.

In this way, not only healthy is compromised but sleep is effected too. If you do not sleep properly for a long period of time, you will start losing your health. Girls specially will have adverse effect on their skins and would not look good.

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I am not saying to leave night blogging completely. I would just humbly request to do everything in moderation. Once a week or twice a month is ok but not sleeping all the week to post silly blogs should not be your goal in life. Also it would adversely effect your studies and work.

Have you ever tried your hand at night blogging? How was your experience? Share your views and thoughts, by commenting below.


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