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New Guidelines For Developers By Apple

Jun 30, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

According to reports, all Apple developers have received a new mail from Apple today, they are required to change their product page. It is understood that Apple’s approach is to adapt to the new version of iOS 11 App Store design style. In fact, from the beginning of this month, Apple is ready for the new store on the line, whether it is asking developers to change the contents of the product page, or clean up illegal applications.

Apple Developers Receive New Guidelines

In the e-mail to the developer, Apple also mentioned that the new App Store is now available to iOS 11 public beta users, while the official version will have to wait until the fall for public availability. Users can preview in other localized applications, as well as in-app purchases for up to 20 promotions. Apple has invited some active developers to subscribe to all applications and ask developers to learn how to make the most of their product pages. At the time of last week, Apple announced a portion of the results of the App Store clean-up plan, saying they had cleaned up 100,000 applications that did not meet Apple’s standards. The plan began in June 2016, for those who do not meet the App Store evaluation criteria for the application of the next frame, as of now has cleared out of 100,000.

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In Apple’s view, the following applications are needed to be cleaned: cottage cloning applications, the dissemination of pirated music applications, years of unmanned applications, not compatible with the application of 64 applications and applications with a security risk. In addition to cleaning up the application, Apple has also tweaked the audit mechanism to speed up the audit time. According to Apple’s argument, it is now possible to achieve about 50% of the App review completed within 24 hours, 9 percent of the App reviews are completed within 48 hours.

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