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New Free DNS Server Filters Out Risky Sites

Nov 20, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Those who not only want to rely on local software in order to be protected against threats from the network, can now also provide a new DNS server for differentiation against potentially harmful connections.Under the IPv4 address, the directory is reachable and good for those who want to keep contaminated sites out.

DNS Server

Google’s free DNS server at the address is now well known. The new service under, on the other hand, is provided by the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), originally founded by the London Police and IBM. And the big technology company is also responsible for the security features of the service.

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As communicated by the GCA, the new service synchronizes with the normal DNS, but the entries in the database are filtered. The reference list is the IBM X Force service. It lists around 40 billion websites that have been classified as dangerous, either because they are trying to trick their visitors into malware or because they belong to the phishing segment.
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IBM not only contributes the X-Force database to the project but also the address. Already in 1988, the company had acquired the block, from which around 16 million IPv4 addresses can be extracted – including the To make these available for such a service is by no means a small service to the joint initiative, which now also includes various other public institutions and companies.
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The GCA emphasized that there should be no logging of specific DNS queries. The financing of the free service is therefore not done by evaluating user data and marketing the findings. This is often the case with other DNS services where the server is not provided by the provider and funded through the normal connection fees. 


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