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A New Era of Online Shopping with Pricetags.pk

Feb 9, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Online price comparison in Pakistan is now a thing, thanks to pricetags.pk. An indigenously developed project that kicked off in November 2014, it has already picked up an impressive amount of steam – clearly, Pakistani shopers are a tech-savvy lot! The guys at pricetags.pk want to usher in a new era of zero haggling, maximum convenience and optimum value for your hard-earned money. Finally, shoppers in Pakistan have a go-to site for all their price fact-finding needs.

Pricetags.pk allows you to not only compare prices of products but also links you to the online stores that sell at those prices. It beats having to consult people about the best places to buy stuff, driving over to crowded marketplaces and haggling over prices anyday! What really adds to pricetags.pk’s appeal is its connectivity and massive database – with an ever-growing number of listed stores and products ranging from electronics, fashion accessories, clothing, sports goods and more, it will be sure to list almost anything that you will find on e-stores today. Pricetags.pk is a fast-evolving site that is continuously working to become the premier advisory service when it comes to online shopping.

Compare prices and find the best deals at pricetags.pk

Compare prices and find the best deals at pricetags.pk

So you’ve finally saved up enough cash to buy that awesome smartphone/laptop/cool new product everyone’s talking about? Head over to pricetags.pk to make sure you get the best value for your money. It is a must visit for any smart online shopper in Pakistan!

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