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New Details On Galaxy S9’s Super Camera Which Will Have Isocell Sensors

Jan 24, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

In just over a month, the Mobile World Congress ( MWC ) will take place in Barcelona, where Samsung will introduce its new top model, the Galaxy S9.Leaks for this device already existed, you can already get a pretty good impression of the device.Samsung wants to score points above all with the camera, and there is now new information. The phone camera will have Isocell sensors.

Isocell Sensors

Earlier this month, there were reports that Samsung wants to convince buyers with a downright sensational camera. There weren’t many details available regarding the camera back then. Now Samsung has probably even revealed various details about the super camera.

This new information comes from another department of the conglomerate, namely Samsung Semiconductor (for the smartphones Samsung Mobile is responsible). The semiconductor specialists from Samsung have recently released a website where they introduce new camera sensors (via Cnet ). Of course, there is no guarantee that Samsung Mobile will actually use these components, but the likelihood is undoubtedly high. Samsung also has a lot of catching up to do here, because in terms of the camera it has recently fallen a bit behind competitors like Apple or Sony.

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The Isocell camera technology should enable recordings in 480fps and 1080p, so it will be Full HD. There have already been indications that the Galaxy S9 will support such a super-slow-motion function. The Isocell Fast called sensor should also support a particularly fast autofocus, even in low light conditions.

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Another version of the sensor, Isocell Dual, is intended for dual-camera phones and features optical zoom, a low-light feature for low-light shooting and a depth sensor for blur effects. If Samsung Mobile will actually use the in-house sensors in the Galaxy S9, then Isocell Dual should be the one that is used in the Plus version, because only this should, according to previous information, have a dual camera.


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