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Mozilla Has A Lot Of Plans For Firefox This Year

Mar 22, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Firefox made a comeback in the fall of last year, and the renowned browser was trying to win back the customers it has lost over the years, especially to Chrome. However, the success was not lasting and Mozilla has a lot planned for this year.

Mozilla Firefox 2018

The consistent work on Firefox is probably also urgently necessary for those responsible because the hoped-for “comeback” in the form of Firefox 57 was not necessarily sustainable in terms numbers or market share. For in the month of release of 57, net market share improved to 13.26 percent, but after the curiosity was saturated, many moved back to another browser, mostly Chrome. Currently, Firefox stands at a weak 10.94 percent. In short: Despite numerous positive reviews, the downward trend could not be stopped.


Of course, Mozilla and the Firefox developers do not want to give up and on the official Mozilla wiki page, you can also see what’s on the program for 2018. Here are the most important highlights:

User experience

  • Like competitor Chrome, Firefox will in the future block ads that grossly affect the user experience. At the moment it is still working on its own solution, but it is also possible to use the list Google uses for Chrome.
  • Mozilla also plans action against so-called ad “re-targeting”. In doing so, the advertisement “follows” the user on the web to advertise a certain product to him. Here Mozilla wants to work with blocking cross-domain tracking.
  • Tracking protection should generally be expanded, among other things, users should get better opportunities to control this.
  • Firefox should be able to block autoplay videos in the future.
  • Gap warnings for pages that have been identified as unsafe and compromised in the past.

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  • Faster start of windows: A browser window should appear faster, only then is the remaining stack loaded.
  • Improvements to the interpreter speed: This is to optimize the performance of JavaScript on websites and in apps.
  • Object-biased NaN boxing: Improve JavaScript performance on web pages.
  • Tab Warming: The “warming up or preheating” of tabs should prematurely load those tabs to which the user is likely to switch next.
  • TCP Fast Open: This extension is designed to speed up the opening of consecutive connections between two endpoints.
  • UTF parsing: Improves loading times with many JavaScript scripts.
  • WebRender: Run apps at 60 frames per second, regardless of the display or what’s going on between each frame on the page.


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