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A Million VR Headsets Were Sold In The Last Quarter

Nov 28, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Currently, three major players are sharing the market for high-quality VR headsets – systems that require a PC or console.In the last quarter for the first time 1 million units were delivered to the users, with Sony the most preferred choice.

VR Headsets

When a new technology emerges, it is often discussed until the commercial breakthrough, what are the chances for a real success. After a first riot in the 80s and 90s, Virtual Reality has experienced a rebirth in recent years. After the launch of the first generation of headsets from Sony, Oculus VR, and HTC, the big boom in the market for VR headsets is still pending, but market researchers have now registered an important milestone for the entire genre.

As the market researcher of Canalys wrote in their report on the market situation in the field of VR headsets, the three current market leaders together with the other providers – such as the many companies around the Windows Mixed Reality headsets – in the last quarter for the first time delivered more than 1 million devices.

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Sony is the undisputed leader in the VR customer race, securing almost half of the total market in the third quarter of 2017 with 490,000 Playstation VR systems shipped. By far, the Facebook subsidiary Oculus VR follows after this analysis, which according to Canalys can record a delivery of 210,000 units of the PC-based VR system Oculus Rift in second place. HTC is in third place with the HTC Vive, which left the camp 160,000 times.

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The VR systems priced up to 800 euros were very expensive. Oculus Rift offers its VR glasses including hand controller for 399 euros. HTC has reduced the price of Vive to currently 699 euros, Playstation VR is available for 299 euros. Exactly in this price development, analysts see the reason for the good sales figures in the last quarter.

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Adoption of VR in the consumer space is strongly related to prices and Oculus strategy to lower prices has definitely helped to create new propulsion, said Canalys analyst Vincent Thielke. It will be interesting to see how the manufacturers now behave in the traditionally strong Christmas quarter.


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