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Microsoft’s New Market Value Breaks All Previous Records

Oct 20, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Microsoft’s market value has officially exceeded $ 600 billion in the morning trading day, and the company’s market capitalization has hit a new high since 18 years.

Microsoft’s Market Value

Microsoft stock rose to 77.91 US dollars in the US stock exchange, which is a record high. The company’s market value in one swoop exceeded 600 billion US dollars. This is the highest market value of Microsoft since March 1986.

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Microsoft’s market value rose to more than 600 billion US dollars for the first time.  In 1999, the stock price peaked  at around $119. This peaked lasted for 13 trading days. Then with the bursting of the Internet bubble, the company’s market value haD entered a nine-year decline.

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But this time Microsoft share price is estimated to rise. Ten years ago, the situation was very different. Earlier, Microsoft was relying on the PC operating system to support the market value, and now these operating systems are free, replaced by Azure cloud computing services and Office 365. Simply said, Microsoft’s market value exceeded 600 billion US dollars, mainly due to the cloud computing industry. The increasing shipment of PCs has also helped to increase Microsoft’s market value. 


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