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Microsoft’s HoloLens completes one year

Mar 31, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

It has been exactly a year since Microsoft started shipping its groundbreaking mixed reality based device HoloLens. Priced at a whopping $ 3000 dollars, Microsoft’s HoloLens has more than one fifty apps to its credit within a year. This is a big number as the technology used in HoloLens is relatively new and there are few people who know it.

History of Microsoft’s HoloLens

Earlier Microsoft released the HoloLens for developers who could work on more apps for the device. In October last year Microsoft expanded its shipping options for HoloLens to few countries thus targeting general audience for HoloLens, rather than developers only. No other IT giant organization has been able to develop a product like this for mainstream market. Although Samsung and Asus have offered Microsoft about a collaboration to develop mixed reality products with the help from the Microsoft’s HoloLens technology. No details about this collaboration has been revealed yet.

Microsoft’s HoloLens is one of a kind device that lets user to interact with their digital content. It is based on holographic computer system and represents digital content as life-size holograms that is easily interactive with the user. If devices like this become more mainstream it will bring a huge change in the IT industry and many of the problems will be solved in a better way.

The main thing to bring the device into mainstream is to decrease its price also. Although the technology required for this device is expensive, the main challenge is to bring the price down.

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The interesting news is that HoloLens is based on Windows 10 technology and windows about to be showcased Microsoft will also be launching windows mixed reality headsets some time in near future. So very soon our perceptions about real world may be drastically changed.

Here is what Microsoft has to say about its HoloLens on its birthday.


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