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Microsoft Surface Team Has Patented Dual Screen Tablet With Hinge

Dec 15, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Rumors of a completely new Surface device with the design of a notebook have been around for some time, but some time ago Microsoft already had the so-called “Courier” concept in the works.After a few months of speculations, a new patent has emerged, which apparently has a kind of surface folding tablet with two displays and elaborate hinge.

Microsoft Surface Tabletmicrosoft surface

The patent (via The Verge ) filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) goes back to a group of members of Microsoft’s Surface Team and describes a device called a “Hinged Device,” a product with hinges. Almost all of the persons to whom the patent is assigned work in the Surface team, where they were responsible for the design of details such as the special mechanism of the so-called “Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge” hinge on the Surface Book.

The device described in the patent apparently consists of two halves which are connected in the middle by a kind of double hinge, which strongly remind of the hinges used in the Lenovo Yoga series. Inside, however, the hinges are much more complicated and contain, among other things, springs, gears, and pins, which should ensure that the two halves snap into each other when unfolding and thus can offer a certain stability because they are to be used in a flat form.

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Microsoft’s patent even shows what the finished product might look like, as it not only contains detailed models of the hinges but also the entire device. Among other things, Microsoft apparently tries to minimize the gap between the two display halves by using a flexible OLED display. The panel is guided around the respective hinges in the area of the hinges in order to make the transition between the displayed contents as fluid as possible.

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Almost incidentally, Microsoft’s patent also includes designs for a reduced in height USB Type-C port, with which it probably tried to make the device as flat as possible. In addition, the so-called “Surflink Connector” is to be seen, which seems to be a thinner version of the “classic” surface connector, which is currently used in Surface devices.

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According to the patent specification, the dual-screen device of the Surface is to be equipped with OLED panels, depending on the variant, in different formats, whereby, of course, it is unclear whether the device ever comes to the market. It is talking of “Landscape” – and one time of “Portrait” displays – so presumably 18: 9 or 16: 9 displays. Incidentally, the drawings of the interior also show that two batteries could be included at the same time.


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