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Microsoft Surface Phone Andromeda Will Have A Magnetic Locking Mechanism

Feb 23, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

For years, the Surface Phone has been a phantom that keeps showing up but still seems a long way from true confirmation or even publication.Again and again, technical details come to light, like in the form of patents.Such as the magnetic locking mechanism. Whether the Surface Phone, which is codenamed Andromeda, actually exists or the device will ever see the light of the world of technology, is difficult to say. Nevertheless, the mysterious smartphone, which is supposed to be a “foldable” smartphone or tablet with two displays or screen halves, is always the subject of reports and speculation.


The swivel mechanism works both ways. Currently, the Microsoft insider WalkingCat who goes by the username @h0x0d on Twitter, has published a patent on Twitter, which seems to confirm that the Surface Phone has two screens that are folded. Because of course, you do not want that such a device, for example, when it is in a bag, to get damaged.

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Microsoft wants to solve this with a unique magnetic locking mechanism. In this case, a pivotable element, which also has a spring is used. This allows the magnet to rotate. Thus, the two magnets are only “extended” when the device is actually locked and fixed. The background here is that “open” magnetic components can cause interference and damage to, for example, magnetic cards.Incidentally, the magnets rotate in both directions, so they can fix the two halves when the two displays are “back to back”.

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Microsoft also thinks that you can use the patent in a 180-degree angle to fix about a device on the hinge plan. Whether this is actually used in the Surface Phone or whether it is “only” is a patent, only time will tell.


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