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Microsoft Is All Set To Take Over Avere Systems

Jan 4, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Microsoft has already announced its first purchase of a company at a very young age.It has announced the acquisition of Avere Systems, the Pittsburgh-based provider of file system solutions.It is therefore not surprising that Microsoft Avere wants to closely mesh with Azure.

Avere Systems

The first acquisition of the year goes to Microsoft. The group from Redmond has announced in a blog post that they have signed a transfer agreement with Avere Systems (via ZDNet ).
The company is the leading provider of high-performance NFS and SMB file system storage for Windows and Linux clients, according to Jason Zander, Microsoft Azure’s Corporate Vice President. This applies to all conceivable areas, ie cloud, hybrid and on-site environments.

Previous clients include Sony Pictures Imageworks, the Library of Congress, John Hopkins University and Teradyne. Microsoft writes that the Avere solutions are most effective when customers need to run large-scale workloads. This is the case, for example, with customers in the entertainment industry, as well as in the field of higher education and research.

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At least now, Microsoft experts will be able to answer the question of why, because of the Avere offer, of course, fits perfectly with the Azure offer from Microsoft. It is therefore not surprising that the Microsoft Avere will merge with their own cloud. Avere boss Ron Bianchini sounds similarly enthusiastic as his Microsoft colleague, has stressed that both companies shared the vision of various cloud areas and that the offer by Azure will only improve.


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