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Microsoft plans to revolutionize mobile phone experience through surface phone

Jun 1, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

It seems that there is quite an amount of truth behind the rumors that Microsoft is planning to release the surface phone. And the claims that the surface phone will be a completely different phone as compared to the other normal mobile phones. So what will be the distinguishing features in the surface phone that would make it something new and different?

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Surface phone based on Windows 10

Firstly the surface phone would be based on windows 10. This will make the surface phone eligible to a number of augmented reality as well as virtual reality functionality. The creator’s update of the Windows 10 that has paved way for the revolutionary virtual reality based technology might be basically to be implemented in the surface phone.

While these are mere speculations what is quite certain is that the surface phone is believed to be very different from the regular phones and would revolutionize the mobile phone industry which has somewhat fallen into a rut.

We know that Microsoft does not want to revive the Microsoft phone series that fail to make its mark so now a completely new and different device with regards to both hardware and software and is sure to keep the people interested and looking forward for more.

Andy Rubin’s Essential phone is also expected to change the normal trends of the mobile phone making but from the phone unveiling yesterday we are excited about certain features but there is nothing that can completely change the face of mobile phone industry.

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With Microsoft also working on the updates and Apple also believed to bring major changes with iPhone 8 it will be interesting to get to know who will be leading the world of mobile phone arena in the upcoming years.

Are you excited about the surface phone and do you plan to switch to it once released. Let us know by commenting below.


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