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Microsoft Wants To Change The Way You Travel With Microsoft Outings App

Nov 17, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Microsoft is working on an app that wants to open up a new and novel approach to travel.Not only does Microsoft Outings want to be informative, it also wants to present itself in a smart way.Responsible for the iOS and Android app is the Bing team, but currently, the work is still in full swing.

Microsoft Outings

The range of mobile travel guide apps is already considerable, yet most people today still prefer the good old paper guide. It’s unlikely that Microsoft will be able to change that with its app outings, but it’s clear that the app is more than interesting.


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Mind you, the app is still quite deep in the development phase. Microsoft Outings is also not yet officially available, they have discovered the well-known Microsoft Insider @h0x0d aka WalkingCat (via MSPowerUser ). He also tracked down an actually confidential but generally accessible website. You can also download the apps if you are an Android user, the APK file works, or if you are an iOS users use an IPA for this purpose.

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A central component of the app is personalization. At first, the user selects at least five points from an extensive list of travel interests. These can be points such as landscapes, recreation, culture, family activities, architecture, street art and much more. On the basis of these interests, Microsoft Outings puts together tips on which you can go on an expedition. Tips that you like, you can save for later, of course, you can also search for specific places and ask for these tips.

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The app developed by the Bing team looks visually quite advanced, content is currently limited to US destinations. Microsoft is currently also looking for content partners. When Outings officially start, is currently unknown. 


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