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Microsoft’s Neural Network Translations Get A Big Update

Nov 17, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The software company Microsoft has released a major update for its automatic translation services.It’s the first major overhaul since relining the services with Neural Network algorithms that are learning more and more over time and perfecting their work.

Microsoft Neural Network

The most obvious innovation is the support of ten other languages. Of course, at the first release of the Neural Machine Translation (NMT), Microsoft first focused on the world’s most popular languages. And now come various idioms that are less frequently used: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish and Turkish. In addition, Hindi adds a language that is also spoken by hundreds of millions of people.

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Microsoft also said that Chinese and Hindi are now fully translated NMT-based. This is particularly interesting for developers who use different functions in their applications, which they obtain from Microsoft’s APIs. Ordinary users who only use the Bing Translator, for example, will receive the conversion free of charge anyway.

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The Redmonders also introduce a hybrid translation that comes into play when one of the two languages ​​is not yet part of the NMT group. Then you use the NMT functions after all in the already supported language, for example, to get less bumpy sounding sentences.

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The changeover to the NMT procedures already produces significantly better results. According to standardized tests, translations here would be improved by about 29 percent, it said. In the future, further training of the AI ​​units should lead to significantly better results.


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