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Microsoft To Distribute Emergency Patch For CPU Vulnerabilities Soon

Jan 4, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

A new security hole is currently being talked about that should affect Intel, AMD and ARM chipsets alike.Microsoft will react to this with an emergency patch and, according to new information, is about to start distributing the important updates shortly.

Microsoft Security Patch

The information on the emergency patch has been received by the online magazine The Verge. Thus, sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans for security updates have confirmed that the company will release several Windows updates. It starts with updates for all Windows 10 versions. Direct information from Microsoft is currently not available. In addition, no new patches are listed in the Windows 10 update history.

The update will also be available for older versions of Windows, but not immediately.Older operating systems, such as Windows 7 or Windows 8, will not be updated with Windows Update before the next official patch day next Tuesday, according to The Verge. Windows 10, however, is updated automatically today. Microsoft has been quick to fix the problem, which requires a kernel-level change. Apple has not officially been heard yet, but the serious security flaw has affected the Intel processors on Macs too.

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Some firmware updates from Intel, AMD, and ARM are likely to come in the coming days. There should also be appropriate updates to the various antivirus programs, as these applications will not work with the new patches without further changes. However, the firmware updates and software patches that have become necessary could bring a considerable disadvantage: Older processors, however, could become significantly slower due to the changes. Users should be prepared for this, writes The Verge.

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Currently, there is still much disagreement over which processors are now directly affected by the problem except those of Intel. Above all, there is a dispute as to whether AMD has been spared the vulnerability or not. AMD denies a problem, while Intel announced it would also affect AMD, ARM Holdings, and various operating system manufacturers.

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In addition, Microsoft has now made a comment as follows:

“We are aware of this industry-wide issue and are working closely with chip manufacturers to develop and test preventative measures to protect our customers, we are testing the impact on cloud services, and have also released security updates to help customers.Protecting customers from vulnerabilities affecting supported hardware chips from Intel, ARM, and AMD. We have not received any information to suggest that these vulnerabilities have been actively exploited for attacks. “

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On many Windows systems, the new patch from Microsoft is not yet displayed. If this is the case, a manual installation is not recommended because Microsoft certainly has reasons why the patch is not yet suitable for your system.For example, using a specific antivirus software can make sure that the update is not currently compatible with your computer and therefore will not be automatically installed.


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