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Messenger day: Facebook’s take on Snapchat

Mar 14, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

It seems that the days of SnapChat are numbered as Facebook is slowly taking away all its myriad features that made SnapChap unique and such a huge success. Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook failed to buy SnapChat sometime ago and now SnapChat features are becoming part of all the Apps around us. Instagram was the first App that incorporated Instagram stories, which were the exact replica of SnapChat. After that we had the WhatsApp status that has the basic functioning of the SnapChat stories. In both cases people were able to share photos and videos from their day with their friends and family. The Apps allowed users to edit the pics and videos by adding stickers, emojis, text and doodling. But all of the pictures and videos disappeared within 24 hours. Both Instagram and WhatsApp are owned by Facebook. Now we have the messenger day for Facebook itself.

So it was about time that Facebook also caught up with this. To do that the feature messenger Day has been embedded in the already massively popular Facebook messenger. The messenger Day allows users to add pictures and videos to their day. Thus the name messenger day. But as the name indicates, these messenger stories will last only for twenty four hours from the time they are uploaded. News about messenger day started circulating in October 2016. First it was beta tested in many countries but now it is ready and messenger day rolled out to general public 9th march 2017.

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So how do you install and work on messenger day. Before everything, remember this feature is not yet available in all the countries of the world yet. Just like messenger games, some people have to wait for messenger day. Because there are over a billion users of Facebook messenger App, the roll out might take a little time to reach everybody. However in order to surpass SnapChat, soon everyone will have access to messenger day.

How to use Facebook Messenger’s messenger day feature?

It is very easy to use messenger day. It works for both iOS and Android platforms. If there are any updates to messenger pending, do the updates first. Messenger Day appears above your chat threads on Messenger’s home screen. It look a lot like Instagram Stories in Instagram, actually. There you’ll see thumbnail tiles previewing the Days of friends. They’re reverse chronologically ordered. You can tap to fast-forward or rewind and hold to pause. Your next friend’s Day will appear right after the last. There is no liking counter.

messenger day

Messenger does let you instantly reply privately to a Day with custom or auto-generated messages like “lovely”, which will pop up in your conversation thread with that person. Also, if you are messaging with someone who’s posted, you will see an alert on mobile and Facebook’s website to watch their Day. There’s also an Active Now (aka green dot on the Messenger Days of friends) who are currently available to chat.

How to share your day on Facebook Messenger Day?

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Now for the most interesting part. How are we going to make our day and then share it with our friends? First open the messenger day. The camera button will be coming at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on it, will take a photo and long press will start the video. You can take a selfie or a picture or a video and then edit it with photo editing options. After that you can add any art effects. There are more then 5000 filters and it will take months to completely explore them all. After the editing is done, click on the arrow at the bottom right of the page. Three options are available. Either you can save the updates in your camera or add the photo to your day or send it to specific friends. Select your option to complete the process. You can also add anything to your day from your chats too.

messenger day

Deleting from your Facebook messenger day

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If you share something to your day that you decide you want to delete, tap the image at the top of your inbox, then tap the three dots at the bottom right hand corner of your image, and then select “Delete”.

Now for something important, let’s see how to configure the privacy setting for your messenger day. Facebook lets you control of who can see your Messenger Day photos and videos at any time – share them with everyone or choose a specific person or people on Messenger. To customize who you share with, tap the “more” icon and then choose “Everyone Except” or “Custom”.

So with all the advantages if you just can’t wait to try out messenger day, let’s discuss some demerits of this app too. If you are fond of traditional chat with no flowery embellishment get ready to be annoyed. Even if you do not indulge in the art works, you will be receiving the messenger day of your long list of friends and that too will be updated every day. It might look pretty in the beginning but gets a little over the top eventually, especially for the older lot who are interested in plain text or video messaging.

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what do you think of messenger day? Are you excited to try out this new feature in your messenger? let us know by commenting below.


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